Yellowstone National Park: Jessie, 16 - "The Waterfall"

Yellowstone National Park: Jessie, 16 - "The Waterfall"

The water is pouring
My spirit is soaring
I see my aunties tears rushing down
She wants me to be around
But I do my own thing
Been away too long
Now I can't open the door.

About Jessie: "My name is Jessie. I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I hope I make a better life for myself going to school and not using drugs. I used to never go to school cuz I would just smoke, but now that I’ve been at Northwest Passage I’ve seen that you can do fun things without drugs to live life to the fullest. I wish the best for me, and I hope everything turns out ok. For me photography is a way I can express my emotions to the world in a way that other people can’t. Yellowstone is the most beautiful place that anyone could ever see."

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